Hey guys, Aquapigs is not just for adults – we have loads you can do too. For young adventurers likeyou we have the Bubblemaker programme-it's a more fun version of the try dive! You can do at the same time as mum or dad if you want (but we'll understand if you don't– they can be a bit embarrassing cant they!)

If you think Scuba Diving is ace then it's the PADI Seal Team for you. This is a great course for all you budding young divers out there. Here's your chance to explore cool Aquamissions, meet new friends and share in the adventure of the underwater world.
And what about your birthday – surely you're fed up going bowling and rollerskating and as for McDonalds!! So… about a SCUBA PARTY? – How cool is that? – A sure way to impress your friends and have a fantastic time too!!

And when you're ready to be a big kid like us the PADI Junior Open Water Course Certification is waiting for you!

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